Child, Adolescent and Adult Diagnosis and Treatment for ADHD / ADD:

Evaluation and Diagnosis:
The first step in working with clients with attention and behavior concerns is to have a proper evaluation to identify the problematic functioning. This involves obtaining a detailed background of their health, educational or work / career history. Behavioral, social-emotional and personality factors are evaluated and measured.

ADD / ADHD Testing

Additional important aspects to measure are executive skills such as attention span, self-control, working memory and organizational abilities. Psychoeducational testing may be recommended and provided if there is evidence of learning or cognitive difficulties.

Direct consultation with school staff is part of the assessment process for school aged children and adolescents. For adults, interviews with significant others are helpful sources of information.

Treatment and Intervention:
A multidisciplinary approach is used to treat diagnosed ADD / ADHD by coordinating services among the school environment and teachers, workplace setting, family members or significant others and a medical doctor, when appropriate. Research has shown that a team approach such as this is most effective for lasting change of behavior and functioning.

Interventions are individualized and include executive skills training, self-control regulation, memory enhancement, organizational strategies, time management planning, effective communication and assertiveness. These skills directly impact academic, career, social-emotional and relationship functioning. When working with children and adolescents, parents and teachers are incorporated into the treatment plan to best generalize skills at home and in school. For adults with ADD / ADHD, skills and strategies are taught and practiced within the home, career, work and relationship environments.

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